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Social media exposes your business to a broad and diverse audience, creating an online community which allows direct communication with your target audience, thus strengthening and elevating your brand. Social media is often the primary form of communication between your business and your existing and prospective customers. TYS creates social media strategies tailored to your business to engage your audience and keep them connected with your business. Our social media marketing services include strategy, optimization, management, monitoring, development, and advertising.


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Creating a strong online presence through your website, email campaigns, affiliate marketing, and customer relationship management are critical components of your overall marketing strategy. This allows you to reach customers in non-traditional ways and helps shape your brand presence through a unified voice and identity. Ensuring your web presence is contemporary, optimized, and effectively communicating to your audience is crucial. Our services include website strategy, development and design, website content management, brand management, search engine optimization, and email marketing.


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Public relations (PR) is essential for managing your business’s reputation and perception. Effective PR helps your business maintain a strong relationship with key stakeholders by communicating your company’s key activities and highlighting news and accomplishments. This helps build awareness of your business and strengthens your brand. PR plays a major role in your overall marketing efforts by cultivating and fostering relationships with your audience. Our services include PR strategy and implementation of campaigns, press release writing and distribution, media outreach, and event management and promotion.